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Fountain pen for letter writing paper

Why Fountain Pens are a Great Choice for Handwritten Letters

There really is nothing like the nostalgic charm of opening a handwritten letter. It’s a timeless tradition with a unique appeal that has continued to captivate hearts for centuries. Even in today’s digital world, the handwritten letter has retained its place in society.

It has evolved from a primary communication method used by the masses, to a more refined method that purveys class, personality, and elegance. The materials we use to write and send our letters has also changed. For correspondence we now use higher quality materials such as luxury paper to deliver a heightened experience for the recipient. We also carefully choose the pen and ink with which we write.

In this article we are going to explore why fountain pens are such a good choice for handwritten letters.


Fountain pen for letter writing


The Fountain Pen

The fountain pen is no ordinary pen. It is a statement of style and personality, and epitomises classical elegance.

There is a common myth that the luxury of using a fountain pen comes at a cost. This could not be further from the truth. Beginner fountain pens are readily available for under £5 which represents fantastic value. However, if you are looking for something more sophisticated, there is a booming market of designer fountain pens form world renowned brands such as Parker and Montblanc. This together with a huge amount of choice on design, nib sizes, and ink types means there is a fountain pen for every writer.

You might be asking, ‘why are they better than other pens?’ The answer is in the feeling you get when using a fountain pen. They are incredibly smooth to write with, allowing you to create wonderful, flowing lines with minimal pressure. The ease of writing makes them perfect for longer writing sessions, reducing hand fatigue and allowing you to write in comfort for extended periods of time. This is a significant advantage when you are penning those meaningful letters to your loved ones. Nobody likes to be stopped mid-flow!


Fountain pen for letter writing


The Joy of Writing

When we think of reasons why we continue to jot our feelings and warm wishes down on paper, it usually comes down to the experience. Both of the writer crafting their note, and also of the recipient who gets to feel the paper and really connect with the words written on the page.

The appeal of a handwritten letter is magnified by the material on which it is written. We can tell the difference between thin, almost transparent everyday paper, and the quality of premium writing paper. This is more noticeable when you write with a fountain pen. High quality paper compliments the smooth flow of fountain pen ink, offering minimal bleeding and smudging. This attention to detail makes each letter you send an expression of thought and care.

As purveyors of premium letter writing paper, we heartily recommend using (or trying) a fountain pen.  

Our personalised and non-personalised letter writing sets, provide the ideal material for your fountain pen’s ink to ensure that every word you write is only read but felt as well.

The act of writing with a fountain pen on high-quality paper is a joyous experience. The British author, Jacqueline Winspear, who is a New York Times Best Seller recently proclaimed her love of the fountain pen in a recent Writers Digest Interview: “Fountain pens add a unique joy to writing, making the process more intimate and personal. The physical act of writing with a fountain pen engages more senses than typing on a keyboard, making the experience more memorable and emotionally resonant.”


Personalised Stationery Letter Writing Set


A Blend of Tradition and Modern Functionality

Earlier in this article we said that fountain pens are classically elegant but this does not make them old fashioned. In fact, they perfectly bridge the gap between tradition and the modern world. They embody the feelings of a bygone era whilst becoming more modern in terms of design and functionality to fit with the modern world.

This blend of oldy worldly charm with modern reliability and practicality makes them ideal for personal correspondence in a world that is dominated by impersonal digital communications. 

Environmental Considerations

Another string to the fountain pen’s bow is its sustainability. We are more conscious of the impact that we make on our environment than ever before, and it is a consideration that we must make as writers.

Unlike disposable ballpoint pens, a well maintained fountain pens can last for a lifetime which reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. The use of bottled ink further reduces environmental impact, making fountain pens a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious writers.


In summary, fountain pens, with their timeless elegance, personalised writing experience, and environmental friendliness, are an ideal choice for handwritten letters. This combination goes beyond mere writing; it is an artistic expression, a personal touch in an increasingly impersonal world. Whether it's for a simple note, a heartfelt letter, or anything in between, the fountain pen remains the perfect pen for those who appreciate the enduring art of the handwritten letter.