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Viewing Printed Art Differently

Viewing Printed Art Differently

Look at Art differently with Me Loovely’s Collectible, Touchable, Shareable Printed Art

When you think of good artwork, what comes to mind? Is it a painting on a wall or a sculpture in a gallery? Is it the scene depicted in a watercolour or an artist’s use of material to create something truly unique? Art is subjective, and what works to delight one art enthusiast doesn’t for another. It’s also ever-changing. With this in mind, Me Loovely want to change the way people enjoy good artwork, by ensuring it can be touched, shared, collected and displayed in any way you want it to, with our beautiful collection of art - available in a variety of sizes, printed on the most wonderfully tactile paper and card.

After all, we believe art doesn’t just have to be in a frame on the wall, and something out of the price range of many of those who’d love to own it. Our beautifully designed affordable art stationery can be enjoyed on a wall, a desk or a coffee table, or shared with friends and family, allowing anyone to build a collection of beautiful imagery.


Printed art should feel as good as it looks, encouraging you to pick it up, enjoying the tactile experience as much as the design.


Rethinking Art!

We believe art should be more than just something you view from a distance, which is why we have curated a collection of stunning imagery on tactile cards that allow us to take a closer look at the detail the artist really wants us to see. We want you to enjoy being able to pick our art up, move it around and swap collections or images as your mood or the season changes.

This is why Me Loovely offer a unique touchable and highly affordable way to enjoy the very best in stunning fine art.  We make it easy for you to have the art you love around your home.  Imagine highly collectable artwork for every season displayed in your home, where you can easily change styles as your mood changes. Or you could send a stunning piece of art to a friend, as a gift, or just to reconnect with them.

Our A6 card collections are the perfect way to enjoy and interact with pieces of fine art created by a range of different artists.  Now, you don’t have to go without a picture you love, simply because you don’t have the wall space.  We love art that you can interact with and our mission is to create collectable, sharable, tactile art that everyone can enjoy. Of course, if you prefer your art on the wall, we offer you the opportunity to do so too. Our artwork is also available in larger sizes for you to display in your home  or office too.


A range of striking images, in a format that’s made for sharing

We carefully choose every artist we feature, and they create unique collections just for us.  Our art collections feature some up and coming and well-established artists, who bring famous places, and abstract imagery to life in stunning detail. We use the best in printing equipment to bring this detail to life, on highly tactile premium Munken card or Innova Fine Art paper. This ensures we recreate the beauty of the original image every time.

We’re particularly proud to offer a collection of Neil Simone’s work amongst our art. Neil’s art depicts the Yorkshire countryside in a colourful, meaningful style, which really does provoke all the senses.  And to tempt you further, all of our Neil Simone orders include a gift copy of his autobiography for you to enjoy; a real treat to show off alongside his art, which you can purchase in a range of sizes.

Whether you choose to display our stunning imagery on a coffee table so you can talk about it with friends, or pride of place on the mantlepiece, Why not take a look at the range and choose the style and format that allows you to enjoy beautiful artwork your way, just as the artist would want you to.