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Showing A Little Extra Love This Christmas

Showing A Little Extra Love This Christmas

How many people are on your Christmas card list this year? Will you be sending more cards than usual to friends and family you’ve been missing during the first or second lockdown? If so, you may be making more of an impact than you thought on their festive season. But is there someone missing from your list?

The poignancy Of Personal Contact By Card

According to a recent report by the BBC, founder of the One More Card initiative, Lindsay Nathan believes Christmas cards will be especially poignant this year. She believes that more people than ever will empathise with those who are often alone at important times, in particular, our elderly community.

Here at Me Loovely, we’re certainly fans of sending good feelings, and we know only too well how a handwritten personal card can help to bring families and friends closer together when we’re forced to be apart. After all, it’s why we launched our business.

So, let’s look at how you could boost someone’s festive cheer this year with a little handwritten help to get you to think outside the box when it comes to the recipients for your cards!

Who Can I Cheer Up?

While you might have plenty of ideas of who could benefit from an extra greeting card this year, here are our suggestions:

Neighbours – many of us aren’t on more than nodding terms with the neighbours these days, but why not extend the hand of friendship this festive season. Pop them a festive message with a suggestion to meet up in the new year and you’re sure to make an impact.

Grocery delivery drivers – deliveries have continued throughout the pandemic and these hard working drivers have looked after many vulnerable people throughout the pandemic to ensure they have access to essential items. Why not write a card to your hardworking delivery driver, whether they’re bringing a weekly shop or delivering the milk, it would be nice to let them know you appreciate them.

The postie – these key workers normally have a hard time of year in the winter months (it’s not all that warm in those jackets you know!) and they’ve worked all the way through these tough, and often stressful months. For a no-contact delivery they’ll love, why not blue tack a card to your front door to thank them for their hard work and wish them all the best?

The elderly –this year, one initiative that seems to be gathering pace is sending letters and cards to care home residents that aren’t allowed to receive visitors. This is something that really would be a great thing to get involved in. Whether you join one of the many groups on social media, get in touch with your local care home or get involved with the One More Card campaign, your warm wishes at what can be a cold and lonely time of year may be just what a care home patient needs to feel the Christmas spirit

Whoever you choose to write an extra card to this year, Me Loovely could help. With a huge range of personalised Christmas cards to suit all recipients, you could bring a little Christmas cheer to someone who might not be expecting it – making for a heart-warming gesture they’re sure to remember.