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Product Inspiration - Where Do Me Loovely Designs Come From

Product Inspiration - Where Do Me Loovely Designs Come From

You may have noticed by now that there are a wide range of designs in the Me Loovely range, from edgy Pop Art to classical watercolours, but where does our inspiration come from, and how do our designs get from our creative director’s mind to the luxurious stationery you’ll receive when your Me Loovely order arrives in your letterbox?

Here, we give you just a little insight into the inspiration and creation process that goes behind the beautiful stationery we offer.

Ideas and inspiration

When it comes to getting inspiration for the designs you see on our website, our Creative Director, Lynda, heads up our team of designers. Lynda has a fantastic eye for great designs and together we’ve drawn upon experiences we’ve enjoyed, which you’ll see in our ‘Big 5 collection’ the world around us (our London range), our values, goals and aspirations, as well as our two gorgeous dogs (who you might recognise in some of our designs too).

But behind all this, we want to inspire others to make meaningful connections with those they are close to, not necessarily in a geographical sense, but through slowing things down, taking the time to think of them and sending a letter or note to let them know they’re special.

This is why we’ve focussed so much time and energy into ensuring our products are not only inspirational by design, but also lovely to use, and lovely to receive. Our paper has been chosen with just as much care as the designs that are printed on it, and we’ve also taken the time to ensure we opt for eco-friendly sustainably sourced paper in order to protect our planet.

How We Get There

The process from inspiration to creation isn’t as simple as you might think, and there are several processes we go through to ensure we offer the best products that showcase what inspires us – and hopefully you - in the best way possible.

1). We brainstorm ideas with our designers.
We’ve carefully chosen the designers we work with not just for their talent but for their ability to take our inspiration and create conceptual designs that achieve just what we’re looking for. Our designers will go away from our brainstorming sessions and create a variety of designs that they’ll then tweak until they look just perfect – we’re sticklers for perfection, and so are they.

2). It’s time to produce print files of the beautiful designs they have created. This isn’t always a straightforward process. Sometimes ideas don’t translate perfectly from paper to print, and this means making amendments to the designs until we’re sure the quality is perfect. This is why the full production process is performed by us in our London studio.

3). Once we have our print-ready files, the process enters an exciting phase; it’s time to see the initial proofs. Again, this isn’t a process that is always problem free – working out where items can be personalised and agreeing on whether the quality of print is to our exacting standards isn’t all plain sailing. 

4). Then comes the exciting part; the launch. Once everything is agreed on, it’s time to put the professional photos together of our new creation and add it to the website, ready and waiting for its first order.

Here at Me Loovely, we take great pride in all of our products and we get just as excited for each new launch. We hope you get as much pleasure out of using each of our products as much as we do creating them for you.