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How the paper and card industry has fared during the pandemic

Paper And Card - How Has The Industry Fared During The Pandemic

In the age of instant electronic communication, you may be forgiven for thinking that communicating by paper means is something consigned to bills, catalogues and leaflets. However, paper continues to play an important part in our lives in one way and another, as we at Me Loovely know only too well!

COVID-19 and Paper

You might have been aware of a big story to hit the headlines in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when it seemed that the world went crazy buying up toilet rolls and manufacturers had to work flat out to keep up production. Since then, we’ve all been a little more sensible (no panic buying here!), but how has the paper industry fared throughout the pandemic?

The Role of Paper During The Pandemic

According to a BBC report, paper production ground almost to a halt in April 2020, but the industry has now begun to surge forward again; largely due to the expansion into the production of items for the health industry such as medical gowns, facemasks and medical tissue as well as material for infection and antibody testing.

But, of course, paper plays a much more important part than simply providing toilet tissue. As the world was placed into lockdown, we all suddenly found ourselves with time on our hands and have discovered the lost art of sending letters and cards to those we can’t be with, and have fallen back in love with good quality stationery as a result.

It's So Much More Personal

Here at Me Loovely, we think that this is a renaissance that should continue.

This year, why not embrace paper, forget those impersonal and sometimes annoying electronic cards this year (those jingles sometimes do little more than jangle the nerves), and rediscover the personal touch?

Why not make sure Christmas 2020 will be remembered as the one where we rediscovered how to make meaningful personal contact; where sending and receiving real, quality Christmas cards gained extra significance and poignancy? Because for many of us, it will be more difficult to get together in person.


In these cases, how much nicer would it be to get a card through the post, lovingly written and signed personally for you. And with designs to suit all tastes, our quality Christmas cards could be just the way to help you make Christmas extra special for those you love.


Personalised Christmas cards from Me Loovely


Choose Your Cards Carefully

Within the paper industry, card is often referred to as cardstock to distinguish crafting card from other kinds of paper. Most greetings cards and papers use a standardised sizing, but there are differences in thickness and weights depending on what it is used for. But aside from the quality (Me Loovely cards are created using 300gsm Munken paper) you may also want to check the source of the paper you’re using.

Handwritten notes and thank you letters will be appreciated so much more when they are handwritten on tactile, high-quality FSC certified and recyclable card, and sent with love. And our cards can help you do just that.