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The Inspiration Behind Me Loovely - Why Writing Matters.

The Inspiration Behind Me Loovely - Why Writing Matters.

To understand where you’re going, you have to understand where you come from, and here at Me Loovely, since our business is only in its infancy, we don’t have to look back too far to see where we got our inspiration for this exciting assault on your stationery senses. Below, we explain what led us to create our exclusive range of luxurious stationery to inspire you to communicate with loved ones in a new, yet traditional way.

We're just like you

Like most people across the UK, and indeed, across the world, we missed friends and family so much when lockdown began in March 2020, and we stopped meeting up regularly with our loved ones. You’ll no doubt have managed to keep the lines of communication up with those that are special to you; via Zoom, Skype or whatever online platform you preferred at the time (or were able to get to grips with!). However, digital conversations only really go so far, and we thought that it might be nice to extend the lines of written communication with our nearest and dearest by sending letters filled with inside jokes, funny memories and promises to meet up ‘when all this is over’. conversations only really go so far...

We were struck, however, with how much of an effect this had on our recipients. These missives really meant a lot to our loved ones, and we began to get into a routine of writing handwritten notes to more of our family and our friends. It was very clear from their reactions – and replies – that our messages were really meaningful; and we realised that this was because they were written by hand; making them both personal and heartfelt

When email won't do

There’s nothing quicker than an e-mail, and while they have their place, it was clear that the personal touch was something that people appreciated. The only problem was, we struggled to find stationery that combined both beautiful designs with personalised high-quality, sustainably sourced paper that inspired us.

After a little thought, and a lot of research, we decided the only thing to do was to create it ourselves, and after sourcing some top-quality designers whose work we fell in love with, and discussions with eco-friendly paper suppliers, our little idea soon began to blossom into the range of designs you can now purchase for yourselves. We made sure to include only the finest quality FSC certified paper, and peel & seal envelopes were, of course, the only option for pandemic-time postal messages. The ideas and inspiration for our designs, however, come from the mind of Lynda, our creative director, and our team of designers who bring her inspiration to reality.

Designs Inspired By Us

Our initial stationery designs were centred around Lynda’s love of travel, and particularly safari, which is where The Big Five collection comes from. Other sets are inspired by our two spoiled Cavalier King Charles dogs, which you may catch sight of in more than one collection. We believe there’s certainly a style for everyone, and we look forward to adding to our range over time

What's in a name?

Now you know where we come from, we should probably explain the name. We’re a fundamentally family business here at Me Loovely, and after initial discussions about using the family name in our business, we decided to opt for something, just like our stationery, that was perfectly personal to us. As Lynda’s heritage is uncompromisingly Yorkshire, even though we’re now living and working in London, she’s often referred to as ‘Me Loovely’ by Jeff, her husband.

...we're a fundamentally family business...

The name, we think, is as warm and friendly as a Yorkshire welcome, and we felt it was a perfect partner for our personalised stationery. With that, we’d like to extend to you a warm welcome to our site, and we’d be delighted to inspire you to stay in touch with your own ‘Me Loovely’, using personalised stationery they’ll love to receive.