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How to Write the Perfect Christmas Card

The season for giving is almost upon us, and what better way to show your loved ones you care than by taking the time to write a heartfelt Christmas card?

Giving Christmas cards is a tradition that dates back to 1843 when Sir Henry Cole, a civil servant at the time, wondered how the Public Record Office (now known as the Post Office) could better serve the public, and with a friend invented and sold the first Christmas cards.

There’s something truly special about receiving a handwritten card in the post, especially if there is a thoughtful message inside.

Over 150 million Christmas cards are delivered by Royal Mail every year, but how do you write the perfect Christmas card.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with these helpful tips.

Start With a Salutation

The first step is to figure out who you’re going to be addressing the Christmas card to.

Are you writing to a specific person, or will it be more general such as “Dear The Addington Family”? Once you’ve decided who the recipient will be, you can choose the best salutation to use.

If you know the person well, you can use a more personal salutation like “My Dear Friend” followed by their first name which could look something like this; To my dear friend, Rachel.

For cards with a wider audience such as a workplace, opt for something like “To everyone at [company name]”.

Write a meaningful message

Christmas cards are an excellent opportunity to share any big news or accomplishments from the past year. Maybe you got married, had a baby, or achieved something special. Whatever it is, your friends and family will love hearing about it—just be sure not to make it all about you! This is where you should also send loving wishes to the recipient. Keep your message light and focus on sharing the good news.

End With a hearty Christmas Wish

It’s time to end on a high note with some festive cheer. Messages like ‘Warmest Wishes!’ or ‘wishing you a prosperous 2023’ are classic choices that are sure to please anyone who reads them. But, they are used a lot without much thought going into them. Some more heartfelt messages include:

‘May this Christmas bring you all of the happiness in the world’
‘Wishing you a Christmas full of joy, peace, and happiness'
‘With love and festive sparkle’
‘May the spirit of Christmas stay with you all year round’

You should be as creative as possible here to create something personal and unique. And of course, don’t forget to sign your name at the end before sealing up the envelope!

Sending out Christmas cards is a cherished tradition that lets your friends and loved ones know how much you care. By following these simple tips, you can write the perfect festive message that is sure to fill everyone with holiday cheer.

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