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Creating Our Art Prints – How It’s Done

Creating Our Art Prints – How It’s Done

We’re so proud of our collection of art prints. Chosen and created with care, we believe our collections showcase some of the finest sights in the world. And in this blog, we’d like to let you take a sneak peek into how we go about putting these beautiful pieces together.

Artists work in many different ways, so we’ve opted to give you an insight into how just one of our favourite artists goes about creating these beautiful images. Naomi typically uses a variety of sources to inspire her, allowing her to visualise her subject from numerous angles. Her deft touch, artistic skills and imagination come together to create detailed watercolour prints we truly believe you’d be proud to display in your home.

Naomi’s Process

The first part of the process is something Naomi takes a lot of time over. Carefully selecting inspiring locations can’t be rushed. Naomi likes to choose a composition that speaks to her in watercolour, her favourite medium.  Watercolour has been Naomi’s passion for many years, as she loves the rough, uneven texture it achieves (as do we!). The way it enables her to bring life to what she sees is the driving force behind her art. 


Next, Naomi loosely sketches the composition lightly in pencil. When she’s pleased with the rough outline, Naomi carefully adds more detail to place key features onto the paper.  At this point, she uses her imagination to perhaps add a little extra whimsical detail to add a special personal touch to her artwork.  She may choose to add a character, animal or vehicle to bring life to a landscape or the forefront of a building. Naomi feels, and we agree, that this adds personality to her artwork.

Next, comes the watercolour. The joy in Naomi’s work comes from bringing still photography to life using the natural, uneven texture and colour tones of watercolour.  She works carefully, using the pencil draft as her guide to bring the colour image in her mind to paper. 

When happy with the watercolour work, Naomi allows it time to dry, before adding fine-liner definition.  She uses the pen to draw out key contours and define areas within the image, highlighting special features and areas to discreetly draw the eye to key elements within her creation.

The Finished Image

Now Naomi’s image is complete, the team at Me Loovely help to bring it to your home, using high quality inks and paper to ensure the images reaches you in stunning detail, ready for you to enjoy it in your home. Why not take a look at all of our artists’ beautiful imagery by browsing our art collection. We’re sure you’ll find a piece of art to inspire you.